Super Heroes Battle, Get Arrested in Stamford

You would think that Spiderman and Captain America would fight evil together, rather than each other, but that wasn't the case in Stamford Sunday.

Police responded to a fight involving the famed super heroes early Halloween morning.

When they arrived, officers found Michael Sanchez, 25, dressed as Captain America, attacking a man on the ground, according to police.

A second person, Vincent Decaro, 21, dressed as Spiderman, was attacking Sanchez, police said.

It turns out the victim on the ground was Decaro's father, who had apparently gotten into an argument with Sanchez.

Police broke up the fight, but before they could, Nicole Bitterle, 18, who happened to be dressed as villainess Poison Ivy, hit Sanchez.

All three super heroes were arrested. Sanchez and Decaro are facing assault charges. Bitterle was charged with breach of peace.

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