Superintendents Lose Sleep Over Snow-Day Decision

When the forecast calls for snow, superintendents across Connecticut lose sleep over the decision, literally and figuratively.

Of the schools that opened today, some dismissed students early. Other schools were closed altogether.

Cromwell superintendent Dr. Paula Talty, who has been up since 3 a.m., said the snow-day decision is one of the toughest aspects of her job.

'It's really a no-win situation', Talty said.

Losing a day now means she might have to extend the school year into June, when children are already focused on their plans for the summer.

Talty said she started watching the forecast last night and then spoke to several other superintendents in the early morning hours to get a feel for what they were doing.

She also spoke to Cromwell road crews to get their take on what conditions might be throughout the day.

The students' safety is priority one, Talty said, and she tries to make the call as early as possible so parents can adjust schedules accordingly.

Today, Cromwell schools released students early, so the students got some learning in and no school day was lost, Talty said.

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