Supermarkets Run Low on Bread, Water Ahead of Blizzard

You'd better head to the supermarket fast if you want to get some last minute food shopping in before the blizzard, because the stores are packed and the shelves are emptying.

Between Saturday's snowstorm and the approaching blizzard prompted, the supermarkets have been packed. The American Red Cross and state officials are recommending residents prepare emergency kits and have at least three days-worth of non-perishable foods.

It was slim pickings in the water and bread aisles in the 24-hour Newington Price Chopper on the Berlin Turnpike on Monday morning. Jugs of water were gone and bottles were going fast.

"The things that they were running short on or about to run out of? I know celery, bread, meats, waters. It seems like it's going down pretty quick," Miguel Robles, of Wethersfield, said.

You may want to call stores ahead of time to see if they have the items you need in stock before the snow starts to fall.

Michelle Mahoney, of Newington, was at the store on Monday morning to avoid the crowds after facing crowds the day before.

"And people were like fighting for things. It was crazy," she said.

Are you rushing to the store today? What last-minute items are you picking up?

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