Supporters of Recreational Marijuana to Rally at State Capitol

Supporters of recreational marijuana are rallying at the Capitol on Wednesday. They hope to convince lawmakers to make Connecticut the eleventh state to make recreational marijuana legal.

Connecticut mayors, clergy members, and other officials will join advocates at the Capitol to rally support for ending cannabis prohibition. A news conference is expected to begin at noon.

The group will be urging lawmakers to support several bills for legislation to legalize, regulate and tax cannabis for adult use.

Among the bills being discussed are SB 1085, which would legalize possession of a limited amount of cannabis for adults 21 and older and expunge records for past marijuana possession convictions.

House Bill 7371 would regulate the production and sale of cannabis for adult use.

Senate Bill 1138 would establish state and local taxes on cannabis for adult use and it would direct all of the state tax revenue toward programs that benefit economically distressed and underserved communities.

"If this passes, what I say is every one of you should focus on ensuring that this money goes toward purposes that either improves the lives of people or remediate the losses people have experienced," said Executive Director for the Commission on Women, Children and Seniors Steven Hernandez.

While there will be support for legislation at the Capitol on Wednesday, it is important to point out that there is also opposition as Republicans remain unified against legalization.

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