Supporting Our Schools: Art is Different With COVID-19

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NBC and Telemundo CT are proud to be Supporting Our Schools. This year may look a little different for a lot of students and teachers, but the need for supplies is still there.

Marine Carpinella is one of three art teachers at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury and is responsible for teaching a quarter of the student population and she is hoping that with the public's help, she'll be able to provide all the materials her students need for the rest of the school year.

Marine Carpinella tells NBC Connecticut that her visual arts class is considered a sweet escape for her students.

"If they struggle academically, they may find their outlet and their peace in art," said Carpinella. "Everyone has the ability to draw and we're all about building student's confidence."

In order to provide that confidence, Ms. Carpinella needs the right equipment for herself and her students.

Some of the art pieces that students and Ms. Carpinella put together inside her visual arts class.

"It's been very difficult to do live demonstrations for the kids," said Carpinella. "I think if I had the capabilities to conduct live demonstrations, it would be beneficial for the students inside and outside of my classroom."

Ms. Carpinellais asking for a few items to help her students succeed. Key items include: a document camera to teach the fundamentals from afar, space barriers to put in between students, and art materials for those physically inside her classroom and those virtually learning.

"One of the biggest things is some students at home do not have supplies, to complete the art project," said Ms. Carpinella. "These items would be key in my class and for the students."

Ms. Carpinella is a Visual Arts Teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury.

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