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Supporting Our Schools: Drawing the Way to Success

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NBC CT and Telemundo CT are both proud to be "Supporting Our Schools." Despite having to make adjustments at any given time because of COVID-19, many teachers are working to provide their students with the tools they need inside and outside of the classroom.

Stephanie White is a discovery teacher at Celentano Bio-Tech Health & Medical Magnet School in New Haven.

Inside of Ms. White's classrooms, illustrations are a go-to for the students when they may sometimes struggle to find the words to express the concepts that they're learning in class.

Students inside Stephanie White's classes are able to draw out concepts that they learn in class. Ms. White is seeking donations, so her students will be able to use the stylus instead of their hands.

"We come up with pictures to help us figure out what our next steps are and it's some of the great learning that happens here at Celentano," said White. "It really is a place for them to figure things out, to put things together and really show what they know about a topic."

Instead of words, sometimes students draw out what they're learning.

"They may not be able to name evaporation, condensation, precipitation but they may be able to draw it out in class," said White. "They understand it but they may not have the vocabulary piece to put it all together."

After 18 years inside New Haven's school district, White said that she knows the benefits of donors choose. The website is designed for school staff who need a little help to create a better academic experience for their students.

"It's helped us provide things that we couldn't normally get for them," said White. "We want to give them the world and donors choose has helped us to get what we need for the students."

In White's latest project, she's seeking stylus pens so students can have a better tool to draw out their ideas instead of using their hands.

"It's going to get everything done that we need the students to be able to do," said White. "We just want to be able to purchase these so that we'll have enough for everybody to use."

If you would like to donate to White's project, you can click here.

If you would like to support a classroom project in your town, or if you're a teacher and want to find out how to submit a project, you can click here.

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