Supporting Our Schools Online Donation Drive Helping Local Teachers and Classrooms

You can donate directly to local teachers by going to

The school year may already have started but our local teachers are regularly spending their own money on classroom supplies.  On average, teachers spend more than $450 a year out of their own pockets to stock their classrooms with necessary supplies. Many school children and families in Connecticut start the school year at a disadvantage, without the common items needed to learn.

NBC Connecticut and Telemundo Connecticut are proud to present the 2018-2019 Supporting Our Schools drive. This is your opportunity to make a difference for children and classrooms from kindergarten through high school.

All year long, you can donate directly by going to On the site, you can view the hundreds of projects created by local teachers. YOU choose the project, YOU make a difference. Learn more about the classrooms and students you’ll be impacting with your donation. You can give any amount to the project of your choice. You can choose to support a project in your town, or help fund a project that resonates with you. Once a project is completely funded, the teacher receives those supplies – it’s that easy!

If you are a teacher, feel free to create your own project by visiting

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