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Supporting Our Schools: Home Libraries for Students

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NBC and Telemundo CT are proud to be "Supporting Our Schools." COVID-19 has created an empty void for many students and teachers who are working to maneuver through an unprecedented school year.

Denice Garrett is one of the teachers who is working to keep her students engaged when they're not working on class or homework.

Denice Garrett reading with her son which is a daily routine for mother/son duo.

Garrett is a 5th grade teacher at S.A.N.D. Elementary School and takes pride in educating our students and enhancing their reading skills.

"I want to have an opportunity to give my students books at home that they can share as well as their families to engage in a home library," said Garrett. "I want to give back to my students and provide them with opportunities so they can have the resources that they need."

Garrett has been teaching at S.A.N.D. Elementary for 11 years and she's used donors choose in the past to help fund her projects. This year, COVID-19 has presented some challenges for her students. Typically, the students would be able to go to a public library to pick up books that they can read in their free time.

"I want to have an opportunity to give my students books at home that they can share as well as their families to engage at a home library," said Garrett. "It would be great for my students to discuss a book that they're enjoying and not specifically a textbook that's assigned to them."

The fifth grade teacher's motivation to educate students can be traced back to her Uncle.

George Milton, Denice's Uncle who had a keen interest in academic excellence. Milton sacrificed his dreams to help support his family.

"He had a lot of books in his home and he was trying to teach himself to read because he had to leave school early to help support his family in the early 1930s," said Garrett.

Garrett's long-term goal is to build her student's passion for reading which she believes will help them in the future.

"These skills can easily be transferred to the classroom especially their ability to comprehend reading materials," said Garrett. "I want them to be able to understand the importance of reading and using their skills to make a difference and contribute to society."

Denice Garrett along with NBC Connecticut's Dominique Moody discussing the importance of reading.

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