Suspect in Murder of Hartford Dad Becomes Emotional in Court

The man accused of shooting and killing a father of seven in Hartford bowed his head and appeared to cry in court Tuesday.

Raphael Concepcion, 34, of Hartford, was arrested Monday and charged with murder, criminal attempt at murder and first-degree assault.

He's accused of shooting Jonathan Whaley, 34, and Bruce Banks, 22, at 13 Elliott Street in Hartford during an apparent drug dispute on July 18. Whaley, a father of seven, died of his injuries. Banks survived.

Concepcion, a convicted felon with 18 prior convictions, faced a judge at Hartford Superior Court on Tuesday. He lowered his head and shook it "no" during the arraignment and appeared to be crying.

He was held on $3 million bond and is due back in court Sept 1.

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