Suspect in Newtown Home Invasion Also Tied to Violent Car Incident: PD

A suspect in a Newtown home invasion is also accused of attacking a woman who says she tried to stop him from driving drunk, police said.

A Kettle Creek Lane resident in Monroe called police after she heard loud screaming outside her home that she initially thought were howling coyotes, police said. When she opened her front door,, she discovered a woman calling for help. The resident brought the woman inside as they waited for police and officers learned she was a domestic violence victim.

The woman told police that she and Michael Dziubina, 27, of Newtown, were heading to his house after a party at her friend's home in Shelton and she realized he was drunk. When Dziubina made a wrong turn on Kettle Creek Lane, she commanded him to pull over so she could get out of the car. When he didn't comply, she pulled center console lever for the emergency breaks, turned the car off and took the keys out of the ignition. This angered Dziubina, who cot out of the car, walked to the woman's door, pulled her from the car by her neck and threw her down, police said. Then he used a spare key to start the car and sped off, police said.

He was identified as Dziubina and police confirmed he was later arrested in Newtown in a home invasion.

In that situation, police said they were called to a home on Andras Road in Newtown around 4 a.m. Sunday for reports of gunshots. When they arrived they found the suspect, identified as Dziubina, standing near a broken exterior door with a small pistol in his hand. Dziubina was taken into custody without incident.

Investigation led police to believe that Dziubina fired at the exterior door of the occupied residence to gain entry. In that unrelated case, Dziubina is charged with home invasion, first-degree burglary, first-degree reckless endangerment, unlawful discharge of a firearm and first degree criminal mischief.

As for the Monroe incident, police are working to secure an arrest warrant for Dziubina.

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