Suspects Asked for ‘Megan' to Vet Houses Before Burglarizing: Police

Three men are being accused of attempting to burglarize homes in Wolcott by knocking on doors and asking for a woman named Megan, police said. 

On New Year's Eve, a woman on Seery Drive told police a man drove up her driveway and knocked on her back door. The woman said she did not open the door but when she asked the man what he wanted he told her he was looking for a woman named Megan. When the woman said there was no Megan on the house the man left but his suspicious behavior prompted her to call the Wolcott police. 

Shortly after, police arrested Troy Krafka, John Thomas and Welsey Henry, all from Meriden, after learning they had attempted to rob the home on Seery Drive, police said. Thomas had a remand to custody warrant and a failure to appear in court warrant. All three suspects had extensive burglary and larceny histories.

Police in Naugatuck, Wallingford, and Cheshire are investigating similar burglaries in the area. The three men would first look inside homes to see if anyone was home, knock if they saw someone and if someone had answered the suspects would then ask for Megan. 

It is not clear if the men have attorneys.

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