Suspect Had Map to Yale Doctor’s Home: Prosecutor


Prosecutors have now detailed some of the evidence found with the doctor accused of killing a Yale doctor.

When police stopped Dr. Lishan Wang's minivan shortly after Dr. Vajinder Toor, 34, was shot and killed, they found he had a  photo of the victim and a Google map to Toor's home, the state's attorney said in court on Tuesday.

Prosecutors say police found the names of two other doctors involved in Wang's firing in his minivan at the time of his arrest.

Wang -- a father of three and a 44-year-old Chinese citizen from Beijing whose last known address is in Marietta, Georgia -- is accused of killing of Vajinder Toor outside Toor's Branford condo as he was leaving for work just before 8 a.m. on Monday.

Police say Wang also shot at Toor's wife, but missed.

The link between Wang and Toor, is made in court documents that reveal a heated workplace fight two years ago at a New York hospital where both worked.

Toor was the chief resident for Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center’s department of medicine in 2008 and was in an argument with Wang about a week before Wang was suspended.

Details about the fight are outlined in the suit Wang filed last year, accusing the hospital and supervisors of discrimination – allegations the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has denied.

Wang alleges “repeated hostile treatment at the hands of supervisors, other doctors and hospital staff who were not Chinese.”

Among the people Wang complained about is Toor. He claims Toor insisted that “unnecessary medical testing,” including blood tests and x-rays be performed on Wang one day when he was sick.

The matter went to the human resource department, which determined that Wang misunderstood Toor and his information was inaccurate.

It is here in the court documents that a mention is made about Wang’s mental state.

“It was during this time that Dr. Wang first realized that KJMC perceived him as being disabled in that he may suffer from mental impairment that impacted his ability to perceive,” court documents state.

Wang goes on to allege that Toor targeted him after that.

In May 2008, court documents state, Toor accused Wang of ignoring pages and calls from hospital staff while he was on duty and that Toor and nurses could not find him for hours.

Wang defended himself and after what is referred to as a “heated argument,” Toor accused Wang of threatening his safety, court documents state.

A week later, Wang was suspended and later terminated.  

Wang is being held on $2 million bond.  His case was transferred to a higher court and he is due to make his next appearance May 11.

In Branford, those who knew Dr. Toor came by the family's home throughout the day on Tuesday to pay their respects.

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