Suspects Involved in Hartford Excessive Force Case Plan to Sue

An attorney has filed notices on behalf of two men who allege police used excessive force while arresting them earlier this month.

Attorney Corey Brinson says his clients, Emilio Diaz and Ricardo Perez were physically beaten and mentally traumatized during the arrest by Hartford and West Hartford officers on June 4.

On that night, Hartford police began chasing a driver in a stolen car. The chase continued through several residential streets, before coming to an end on Flatbush Avenue in West Hartford, according to police.

A dashcam mounted in a West Hartford police cruiser appears to show Hartford officers kicking and stomping one of the suspects, who was in handcuffs at the time, police said.

The Hartford Police Department launched an internal investigation into the incident the following day after the suspects' faces appeared bruised and cut in their mug shots and raised concerns in the department. Police also asked the Chief State's Attorney's Office to investigate.

In letters to Hartford and West Hartford last week, Brinson notified both municipalities of his intent to sue to "recover for the losses" caused by the actions of the officers.

Hartford and West Hartford would not comment on the pending lawsuit.

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