Truck Driver Suspended in Air on I-84

Driver rescued after garbage truck suspended upright

A dump truck was suspended in an upright position with its cab up in the air on I-84 Wednesday morning.  It has caused a traffic nightmare on I-84 Westbound at exit 64 in Manchester.

State police say the driver of the truck was doing some road work and never lowered the bed part of the truck. When he went driving down I-84 with its bed in the upright position, it hit the highway sign and got snagged. The front part of the truck was up in a 45 degree angle. This all happened around 9:30am Wednesday morning.
State police tell NBC 30 the Herb Holden Trucking (East Windsor) driver was pulled from the truck’s cab by rescue crews at about 11:30 am using a ladder truck. State police say the driver was taken to Hartford Hospital - he's in good condition.
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