SUV Crashes Into Shed in Southington

An SUV with a mother and a toddler inside crashed into a shed on Little Farm Road in Southington Thursday morning. 

The resident whose shed was damaged said the driver lives across the street and said she was backing out of her driveway when another vehicle tapped her SUV, causing her to lose control of the vehicle, travel through a yard and hit Ruth Johnson’s shed. 

“The poor little girl was crying, ‘Mommy, mommy why did we do that? What happened? ‘I felt so bad for her,” Johnson said. 

The mother and toddler are OK. 

Johnson was inside her house when the accident happened and heard bangs. Then she looked out the door and saw what happened. 

“I couldn’t believe what I saw, I really couldn’t believe it,” Johnson said. 

Southington police are investigating.

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