Swine Flu Closes Hamden Elementary School

Three confirmed cases of swine flu and other suspected cases are behind the closing of the Helen Street Elementary School in Hamden Friday and Monday.

There are three confirmed cases, but other students are "exhibiting more general flu-like symptoms," school officials said a press release.  On Thursday, 46 students called out sick.  The classes most affected are second grade and kindergarten.

"An additional concerns that arose was the kindergarten clustering.  Those children are 5 to 6 years old, and that's the group we've been told to monitor because there is a potential seriousness," said Bill McGraw, Director of People and Personnel Services in Hamden.

"I'm just hoping that the school does what it has to do.  Get the Purell around the school, in the cafeteria, in the classrooms, so that kids can be healthy," said Hamden parent Yma Roberson.

They hope closing the school will help stop the spread of the flu and allow crews enough time to disinfect the school.

Parents in Tolland also received a letter, warning them about swine flu cases in the district. The administration won't say which schools are affected. They are urging children with flu-like symptoms to stay home.

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