Take a Cool River Ride, But Grab a Tube First

After a short wait, you'll get a long, cool trip

When the temperature hits 90, there's one summertime place where the line is short and the ride is long.

Farmington River Tubing in New Hartford offers families a place to cool off for a longer-than-hour-and-a-half ride down the Farmington River.

"You rent yourself a tube and a life jacket, and then you jump in a river for a three-mile float down the wild and scenic Farmington River,” said manager Jeremy Harraden, who’s worked there for about 20 years. “When you get to the end, the shuttle buses pick you right up and bring you back to the start point."

Families, friends and lots of groups hop right in and travel down three rapids. The second one offers the most chance to get turned upside down.

It's a good idea to wear a bathing suit and old sneakers or some waterproof type of summer sandal that won't easily fall off. And one more important thing, you need to know how to swim, because you and your tube could part ways along the trip, and it's a good idea to be able to swim to retrieve it.

Once you hop in, you're pretty much on your own.

“It's not Six Flags. It's not an amusement park ride where somebody can push a button and stop the river,” Harraden said. “It's outdoor excitement."

The ride costs $20 per person on holidays and weekends and $18 on weekdays. Bring cash, because they don't take credit cards.

"Instead of spending two hours in line for a two-minute ride at a water park, they're spending two minutes in line here for a 2-hour ride down the river," Harraden said

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