Bysiewicz Deposition Tapes Released

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The deposition was part of Susan Bysiewicz's lawsuit seeking a ruling on whether she has the 10 years “active” legal experience required under state law to run for Attorney General.

On the first day of questioning, GOP attorney Eliot Gerstan asked Bysiewicz about her qualifications for office, focusing on comparisons she made between her law experience and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s experience.

Gerstan: “You’ve actually said you’re every bit as qualified as Dick Blumenthal was when he took this position based upon your legal experience, correct?”

Bysiewicz: “Yes.”

Gerstan: “And you’re aware, aren’t you, that prior to the time Mr. Blumenthal became Attorney General, he actually in contrast to you, appeared in court, correct?

Bysiewicz: “Yes.”

Gerstan: “In fact, he tries a bunch of cases, didn’t he?”

Bysiewicz: “Yes.”

Gerstan: “You never tried any cases?”

Bysiewicz: “No.”

Throughout the deposition, Bysiewicz maintains she’s not a litigator; she’s a corporate lawyer. She believes her experience, as such, more than qualifies her to run for Attorney General.

Gerstan: “How often have you used the practice book in your daily practice of law?”

Bysiewicz: “I don’t use it. I’m not a litigator.”

Gerstan: “When you say you’re not a litigator, you’ve never been in a deposition before, ma’am, right?”

Bysiewicz: “Correct.”

Gerstan: “This is your first time as a witness?”

Bysiewicz: “Yes.”

Gerstan: “And have you ever been a participant in a deposition like some of these other people are here, just watching one?”

Bysiewicz: “No.”

Gerstan: “OK. Never signed any pleadings in court?”

Bysiewicz: “No.”

Throughout the deposition, Bysiewicz maintains that her experience as a state lawmaker and Secretary of the State qualify her as a practicing attorney, although she admits the positions did not require she be a lawyer. Legal expert Jim Bergen says many at home might question her eligibility to run.

“The public is going to have a hard time understanding how someone who had those answers could qualify to run for Attorney General, however, legal positions are different and Susan’s legal position is, if you’re a lawyer, then that’s enough,” said Bergen.

Bysiewicz initially wanted the deposition to remain sealed, but her attorneys dropped that motion in court earlier this week. A decision on the matter is expected by the end of the month.

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