Tattoos, Piercings and More: Six Flags Loosens Employee Appearance Policy

A spokesperson for the amusement park said the changes were made in response to an employee survey.

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They asked, and managers listened.

Six Flags New England recently updated its employee grooming policy to allow "tattoos below the neck, nose rings, multiple ear piercings, and most modern hairstyles," including bright hair colors.

“We’re all about diversity, being inclusive. And also allowing our team members to express and be the genuine them," Jennifer McGrath, communications manager for the park, said.

McGrath said allowing staff members to express themselves freely makes for a happier workplace, which in turn creates a better experience overall for employees and guests.

Visitors at the park Thursday agreed.

"Now I’m not the only one that will stand out with pink hair," said Ashleigh Haslam.

"I think it’s great that now we have that opportunity and we don’t have to change how we look and basically who we are to work somewhere,” said Mick Smith.

Six Flags is also offering bonuses to employees who stay on through September.

“I think employers are jumping through all sorts of hoops just to try and get employees. There is an incredible demand for employees out there," said Eric Gjede, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA).

"Businesses just simply cannot get enough people to return back to work. And there's a variety of reasons for that. Some of it related to child care, some of it legitimate fears still related to spikes in the coronavirus, and certainly the federal unemployment supplement has made things a little bit more difficult," he said.

As a result, employers are trying to offer more flexibility with scheduling and telecommuting.

About 20% of Six Flag's 3,000 employees are Connecticut residents.

The minimum wage in Massachusetts is $13.50 an hour and many of the available positions at the park pay more.

Connecticut's hourly minimum wage will rise from $12 to $13 in August. But Gjede doesn't expect to see much of an impact.

"Businesses are competing so strongly for employees that in many cases they're offering wages that are already higher than that," he said.

Six Flags is still hiring seasonal workers. Auditions for Fright Fest are coming up in August. McGrath said the park is looking for 200 people to scare guests during the Halloween event.

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