Teddy Bears Shared With Young Hospital Patients

Hundreds of teddy bears are now in the arms of patients battling cancer at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.

“The Sandra Smiles project started about a year ago when my grandmother passed away,” explained Tyler Lauretti. “We wanted to do something in her memory. She had cancer for a long time and fought that battle. It’s something she always wanted to do, to do something for that kids that were going through similar treatment.”

GUND donated 400 bears that are wearing special shirts.

“I think the hope is that they feel a little bit of strength, a little bit of happiness, that they hug that bear tight, and it helps them get through it,” Lauretti said. “It’s a tough time and she knew that.”

They traveled from Hartford to New Haven on the brand new CT Rail Hartford line.

“We’re able to participate in this because were able to connect to the hospital from here,” Randal Davis from the Connecticut Department of Transportation said. “For us, this is all about connectivity, but also about being a part of something that’s truly and inspiring in the state.”

“That little dream of hers is finally coming true,” said Lauretti. “It feels great to know that if she was here today she would be so happy and so delighted to see these kids’ faces.”

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