Teen Accused of Driving, Crashing Stolen Vehicle on I-95 in Madison

State police vehicle

Connecticut State Police have arrested a teenager who is accused of driving and crashing a stolen vehicle on Interstate 95 in Madison on Monday afternoon.

Troopers said they received a 911 call around 4:30 p.m. reporting a gray Range Rover driving erratically before pulling into the I-95 northbound Madison rest area.

A trooper who was sitting on the exit 63 on ramp to I-95 north got a hit on his vehicle's License Plate Reader indicating the Range Rover's license plates were stolen.

While attempting to catch up to the vehicle that was reported to be driving erratically moments earlier, dispatchers said they advised troopers about a grey Honda Civic that was just stolen from the northbound Madison rest area.

The trooper said he noticed both vehicles traveling together on I-95 north just before exit 67 and then they both got off exit 67 and got back on the highway traveling southbound.

State police conducted a traffic stop on the vehicles on I-95 south near exit 66.

The Honda Civic accelerated in an attempt to elude police and while troopers were slowing to stop to wait for the Range Rover, they said they saw the aftermath of a traffic collision on the exit 65 exit ramp.

According to state police, the Honda Civic had collided with two other vehicles and caused significant damage.

The only occupant of the Honda Civic, identified as a teenager, was treated by Westbrook Ambulance and was transported to a local medical facility to be treated, authorities added. Two people in another vehicle that was involved in the collision were also transported to the hospital.

State police said the teenager was detained and he is facing charges including interfering with an officer, reckless driving, operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, larceny, failure to obey officer signal, reckless endangerment and conspiracy to commit larceny. He is currently being supervised by Connecticut State Police while he receives medical treatment.

After he is released, authorities said the teen will be transported to the Bridgeport Juvenile Detention Center to await his assigned court appearance.

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