Teen Breaks into CT Moped Center, Steals Mercedes: Police

Bristol police arrested a 16-year-old male suspected of stealing several keys for cars at a dealership and a Mercedes from the parking lot.

The suspect broke into CT Moped Center on Terryville Ave to steal keys for cars for sale at the dealership before driving away in a Mercedes from the business, police said.

While investigating a complaint about an individual operating a light-colored Mercedes "erratically," police said they found the stolen car abandoned at International Gift Shop on Terryville Ave. in Bristol. A K-9 Unit officer apprehended a teenager matching the description of the driver on Pound Street. Police found several car keys in his pocket, including the keys to the stolen Mercedes.

Bristol police charged the teen with third-degree burglary, second-degree larceny, third-degree criminal mischief, conspiracy to commit all three charges and interfering with a police officer.

The department is not releasing the name of the teenager because he is under 17.

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