Teen Charged in Connection With Racist Video in Southington

Southington police have arrested a 17-year-old in connection with a racist video posted on social media.

The video was shared in a private chat room then sent out publicly, coming to the attention of Southington school officials and police on Dec. 13. Southington police said the message was posted by a Southington High School student.

School officials said the video contained "racially inappropriate and highly charged language." The video also contained language "implying the support of violence against people of color.

The 17-year-old suspect was arrested Thursday and charged with breach of peace. He was not identified due to his age.

In a joint statement, the Southington Town Council and Board of Education said there has been an increased police presence in schools both as extra security and also “to reduce the anxiety surrounding the recent events and help support the educational environment.”

“While we will never be able to control the words, beliefs or actions of others, we can applaud the reactions of the many members of our community who have contacted officials to express their horror and condemnation of this event. We echo those sentiments. The response by our students, parents, members of our police department, and school officials should be applauded and is the true representation of the values of this community,” the statement goes on to say.

No other arrests are expected.

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