Facebook Rave Raided

Two teens who police said hosted a party in a vacant Stamford home over the weekend were busted after cops found the party details on Facebook.

Stamford police got a tip from New Canaan police who learned of the party from postings on Facebook that billed the bash as a rave, the Stamford Advocate reports.

They promoted the party as "Club Ivy", and required those who wanted to attend had to join the Facebook network of one of the organizers, police said. Once that was done, partygoers had to call a cell phone number for directions to the vacant house. The teens had to pay a $5 cover charge, and then $1 to $2 for alcohol.

The posting also said drugs would be available, police said. Information on Facebook indicates this was not the first party.

More than 70 kids were at the party. Sixteen were under 16, police said, and some were as young as 14. Police also said a game of beer pong was going on.

No one who was at the party when police raided it was older than 18, police said.

Officers arrested Steven Carey, 18, of Norwalk, and an unnamed 17-year-old for organizing the party.

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