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Teen Faces Charges After Windsor Locks Swatting Incident: Police

Windsor Locks Police said they've arrested a teen who's accused of threatening to kill a family and any approaching officers during a swatting incident in March.

Officials responded to South Elm Street after getting a call from a man who told police he killed his mother and would kill his two sisters, as well as any officers that may approach.

Police later determined that the teen was calling from Georgia and that it was a swatting incident.

Authorities responded to the scene after getting the phone call. The regional emergency response team and hostage negotiators were activated.

Officers and members of the tactical team searched the area and watched for any activity. Officials tried to track down the phone number and identify the caller. They said the phone number was electronically manipulated to show a different number of someone in the home.

Negotiators were able to reach someone that was inside the home and officials later determined that everyone was safe and the call appeared to be a swatting incident.

The residents of the home were brought out safely and the home was cleared by tactical team members. No one was injured and there was no sign of criminal activity, police said.

After investigating, police determined that the call came from Georgia and not Windsor Locks. After a similar incident reported in Cherokee County, Georgia, detectives said they're seeking the arrest of a 15-year-old.

The teen was arrested on criminal charges in Georgia and now faces additional charges. Police believe the call targeting Windsor Locks was connected to two other swatting incidents in Georgia and Florida. All of the incidents were related to insults traded during sessions of the video game Call of Duty.

The incident remains under investigation.

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