Punk Steals Pump From Diabetic Teen

If you lay $20 on the bench at a city park, leave and play basketball, it’s not a total surprise if it’s gone when you return. But an insulin pump?  

Someone took off with a diabetic 16-year’s old cash and his rather expensive and life-saving purple Medtronics insulin pump Tuesday night.

The New Britain teen was shooting hoops with his friends at a city park around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and put the monitor on a park bench to keep it safe.

When he went back to get it, the monitor and the $20 he left were gone.
The teen and his friends told New Britain police that they searched the area and couldn’t find any signs of the purple Medtronics insulin pump or the cash. The monitor is worth $6,000.
It's essential for the teen's health to teen get it back, police said.

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