Teen's Pot-Time Job, Selling McMarijuana: Cops

Police say a teen pot dealer used a McNugget box

The stuff in the McNuggets boxes a Torrington teen was selling packed more of a punch than the chicken bits you’d normally get at McDonald’s, according to cops.

Frank Gentile, 17, was growing marijuana in his apartment and packaging it in McNugget boxes, police said.

That gives new meaning to “want fries with that?” Or would that be “fried?”
The alleged fast-weed dealer was nabbed Sunday night when cops saw something a little awry and checked out Gentile's alleged customer's McNugget box. They found something that's definitely not on the McDonald’s menu, police said.

So cops checked out Gentile's apartment and found more McMarijuana, a big bag of stems and other stuff you’d likely find if someone were peddling pot, police said.

Gentile, who the Torrington Register-Citizen reports is an unemployed store clerk, pleaded not guilty to possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of over four ounces of marijuana, sale of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana in a school zone and cultivation of marijuana.

The alleged buyers, Glenn M. Brandner, 19, Brittany Alfano, 22, and Garrett Neumann, 19, all of Torrington, were also arrested.

Gentile’s bond was set at $5,000 and he is ordered him to appear in court again July 22, the Register reports.

Neumann posted a $500 bond and Brandner and Alfano were released on a $2,500 non-surety bond. They are scheduled to appear in court July 6.


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