Teens Rescued After Kayaks Overturn in 50 Degree Water: Fire Dept.

Four teens are home safe after a scare during a kayaking trip in Peach Island in Norwalk Friday.

Norwalk fire officials said the marine unit responded around 9 p.m. Friday after someone called 911 reporting they could hear cries for help from kids who were out of their boat and without lifejackets.

Crews found four 19-year-old men on Peach Island after a quick search. The teens were cold and wet, but otherwise unharmed.

The boys had left from Burwell Street in two two-person kayaks in the afternoon, and were heading back to shore at dark when they were knocked out of the kayaks and into the water. The vessels had lifejackets, but the teens were not wearing them and the lifejackets floated away when the boats flipped.

Fire officials said the water temperature was only about 50 degrees, and remind boaters that a personal floatation device can save your life, especially in cold water.

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