Teen's Sweet Gig: Usher Video

Brett Bassock might be the luckiest teen alive –- at least in his eyes. In June, he’ll get the chance to fly to Los Angeles with 20 other students from around the country to produce a music video for R&B singer Usher

"I'm still trying to comprehend this concept that they picked me out of 5,000 kids," the 16-year-old Wilton High School sophomore told the Norwalk Hour.

It’s not a huge surprise that he would stand out to the people choosing the team to work with Usher.

Bassock has been active in community events like Relay for Life and a Walk for Parkinson’s but he still wanted to do more. So, his teacher recommended he visit dosomething.org, a website that promotes "Powering offline action," the Hour reports. 

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime,” Usher said in the promotional video. “I’m hoping for a hot video. … My fans are going to be very, very upset with you if you don’t get it right. But no pressure.”

So, with a few clicks, he went online and signed up to compete against thousands of students across the country to produce a music video for Usher. 

"The first time I went on there it said, 'Direct Usher's music video,' and I thought it was perfect because I'm an aspiring director,” he told the newspaper.

When he went for the final interview, he actually met Usher, who congratulated and hugged him. 

Two groups of 10 students will make two videos for the singer, both of which will be posted online. 

The winners will receive a MacBook Pro, free software and a trip to one of Usher's concerts.  As for Bassock, even if he’s not in the winning group, he’s still glad he'll get the chance to work with Usher.

You can follow the contest on Got Noise.

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