Hayes Brother Calls Him Abusive, Calculating “Monster”

The penalty phase goes on for man convicted in Petit murders.

Connecticut prosecutors have introduced a letter from Steven Hayes brother that calls him an abusive, calculating "monster."

The letter was introduced Thursday in cross-examination of a defense psychiatrist. A jury that convicted Hayes of killing a woman and her two daughters is considering if he should be executed or given life in prison.

Prosectors said Matthew Hayes sent the letter to police shortly after the July 2007 home invasion in Cheshire. It claims Steven Hayes once put a gun to his brother's head and another time burned his hand on a stove.

Dr. Eric Goldsmith testified Wednesday that Steven Hayes told him the brothers were abused by their father, who made them fight over who would get a beating.

A psychiatrist has taken the stand again as Steven Hayes’ lawyers try to persuade a jury to spare him the death penalty.

On Wednesday, Goldsmith said that Hayes told him his co-defendant, Joshua Komisarjevsky, proposed the home invasion.

Komisarjevsky faces trial next year.

Prosecutors say both men are equally responsible.
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