Scouts Oust Gay Man for Second Time

A Guilford man who was booted from the Boy Scouts as a volunteer 15 years ago because he's gay, has been pushed out a second time.

In 1994, David Knapp, who is now 82,  was expelled from the Scouts after disclosing he was gay. 

So it came as a bit of a surprise when they got back in touch.

Knapp told the New Haven Register that he thought the organization had a change of heart when he received an e-mail last year inviting him to become involved with the group again by volunteering or donating money, the New Haven Register reports.

This month, a letter came asking him to sponsor an Eagle Scout for an annual dinner, the paper reports, but last week, he received a phone call telling him there had been an error and that he was not eligible to mentor Scouts or attend the dinner.

Louis Salute, an executive for the Scouts, told the New Haven Register someone from the group recognized Knapp's name and thought it should be checked. The scouts said it was a mistake and apologized. 

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