The Doctor is Out

State Suspends Prescription Privileges

A popular Old Saybrook doctor whose office was raided by police Tuesday has lost his powers to prescribe medicine.

Dr. Scott Houghton has been prescribing too many painkillers - demerol, fentanyl, percoset - and valium, according to Consumer Protection Commissioner, Jerry Farrell.

"We felt based on the evidence that we saw of the variety and frequency of controlled substances being prescribed, " said Ferrell, "that there was a clear threat to public health and safety."

Patients of Dr. Houghton can't believe he could threaten public health and safety.

"I think he is one of the finest men I have ever met," said Marge Baroni of Ivoryton. "I will not believe that he did any wrongdoing whatsoever and no one can convince me of that," she said.

Chuck Rowley says his daughter goes to Dr. Houghton. "He's given her his personal cell number.  When she needs something, he takes care of her that way," he said.

Dr. Houghton can appeal the suspension of his privileges at a hearing Feb. 23.  Commissioner Ferrell says Houghton is such a threat he didn't wait for a hearing to act, and that is "an extremely rare move," Ferrell said.

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