The Doodle 4 Google Winner is Picked

Did you Google today?

You might have notice the artwork for the Web site. It was designed by sixth-grader, Christin Engelberth of San Antonio, Texas. Her design was chosen from 28,000 thousand entries and 6 million votes on Google for its Doodle 4 Google contest.
Engelberth called her winning design, “A New Beginning.” 
"The first thing I thought of was animal conservation. So I made a sketch of that and I pinned it on the refrigerator and I looked at it and I didn't really like the way it came out, because I didn't just want to include the animals, but also the rest of the world. So I decided to make it about a brighter future for the entire Earth," Engelberth said on the Today Show.
Several Connecticut budding artists were among the finalists. See their designs here
Lillian Oliveira is one of two Connecticut finalists in the K-3 category. 
She created “Please Help Save Our Environment,” which has the Google logo above the Earth.
Johnny Zuk, 6, created “Music Brings Joy To The World.” He turned each letter of the word Google into something musical. 
“Music Brings Joy to the world is what I wish for the world because music makes everybody happy,” he said, describing his doodle.
Zuk, a student at Monroe Elementary School, was a finalist for Region One, which includes Connecticut. 

 Moving up in age, the finalists from Connecticut are the two for grades 4  through 6.

Julia Wynn Horowitz created “Lady Justice.” In her design, the O’s in Google have become the scales of justice.

Cory Hassmann's design was “A Greener Alternative.” Hassmann turned the world Google into different power alternatives, including a wind turbine and an electric car.

In the grades 7 through 9 category, Karolyn Olsen and Silvana Alarcon were the finalists.
In Olsen's “Unity Worldwide,” the letters were transformed into different nationalities. Alarcon designed “Peace Puzzle Together Forever.”
The finalists for the grades 10 through 12 category were Ho-Jin Kim and Kelsey Carpenter.
Kim’s artwork is “Fairness In All People,” while Carpenter’s Google Doodle was titled “Peace For The World” and has different symbols of peace, including a dove, that are transformed into the six letters that make up the world Google. 
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