The Golden Local Goes Down to the Wire

The Yankees and Red Sox battled it out for 14-inches of spinning status. And the Golden Local goes to...

Just like a game that’s decided with a clutch play in the bottom of the ninth, the Golden Local came down to the wire Tuesday night. 

As the final votes were cast just before midnight, Yankees fans couldn’t cash in on the momentum they had going into the last few days:  Voters on crowned the Boston Red Sox winners of the Golden Local for Connecticut’s favorite baseball team.

The Red Sox walked away with 1,429 votes to the Yankees 1,423.  That six point difference represents a 0.002 percent sliver of a win. But, like everything in sports, a win is a win.

The Yanks made an impressive come from behind, after being down more than 11 percent over the weekend.

Hundreds of, um, festive comments were posted on both sides of the debate. 

“Which team has 26 rings,” asked someone identified as ‘27 in 2009’, referring to the 26 World Series titles under the Yankees cap.

“If you want to be a NYer, then go to NY… and stay there!,” typed 'Michael' on the Boston comments section.

Voters cheered for “Yankee Universe” or the “Sox Nation”, and they booed the “Red Sux” and the “Stankees”.

The results are in-line with a Quinnipiac University poll released last July.  The Red Sox came away with a 41 percent to 40 percent lead over the Yankees.

The Red Sox were thrilled to win the admiration of Connecticut fans.  Plans are underway to make room in their trophy case for the Golden Local.  (Yankees fans, of course, would be happy to point out that the Sox should have plenty of room, with 19 fewer World Series trophies than the Yanks.)

“My tickets just came in,” wrote 'Tina' on the Sox side.  “Fenway, here we come!”


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