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The Red Cross Responds In The Wake of Tropical Storm Isaias

When disaster strikes, the American Red Cross is among the first to respond.

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When disaster strikes, the American Red Cross is among the first to respond.

As soon as Tropical Storm Iasias passed, the Red Cross in Connecticut hit the ground running. So far they’ve provided 25 families whose homes became unlivable after the storm with immediate assistance – and their work is far from over yet.

 “Right now the Red Cross is working with local and state emergency management officials to try and assess damage and determine needs,” explained Stefanie Arcangelo, chief communications officer for the Red Cross Connecticut.

And those needs stretch beyond those who are left with damaged homes.

“The Red Cross is also assisting people who have acute medical needs and who have medical devices that need electricity to sustain their lives,” said Arcangelo.

COVID-19 has changed the way the Red Cross responds to disasters across the country and here in Connecticut. For example, after a storm like Isaias, the Red Cross may provide shelters for those who sustained damage to their home, but Arcangelo explained, “congregate shelters in this type of a setting pose additional risk because of COVID-19.”

So amid the ongoing pandemic, they’re taking a different approach.

“For the families whose homes have become unlivable, we’re able to provide them with immediate needs assistance that can help them get that temporary lodging so financial resources for that emergency immediate needs. Very similar to what we do for families who lost their homes due to home fires.”

If your home is unlivable in the wake of Isaias, or if you know someone in need of Red Cross assistance, just visit

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