The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

Grab the caviar and vodka, comrades. The Russians are coming to Connecticut!

The delegation of five Russian officials is making quite a trip to see little old West Hartford Town Hall.

They’ll be here on Friday, the Hartford Courant reports. And they’ll be hanging out with the interim town manager and finance director to learn about the town manager/town council form of American government because it seems we’ve been doing this longer than most.

"We included West Hartford in the program because it was one of the first towns in the country to adopt a council-manager form of government, where a council acts as the elected policy board and a town manager serves as the chief executive officer," Mary Lou Sullivan, a spokeswoman for the group coordinating the trip, the Global Training and Development Institute at the University of Connecticut, told the Courant.

If you want to brush up on your Russian and greet our visitors in their native language, there is a Russian language Meetup group.

Or, just head over to Europe Restaurant in West Hartford and enjoy some Russian food. It’s located on Shield Street. 

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