The Ultimate Party For “Odd” People

Previewing The Odd Ball at Real Art Ways

The Godfather, Zorro and Sarah Palin all walk into a bar. Not a bad joke -- it's The Odd Ball, a new annual fundraiser at Real Art Ways in Hartford, taking place Saturday. It promises to be one of the coolest parties in the area.

"It's based off of carnival or masquerade," said Abby Ohlheiser, an organizer for the event.  "We used to have Real Party, but decided it was time for something new and fresh."

So what the heck IS it?

"A lot of people are coming in disguises; whatever makes people feel creative," she said.  "There's tons of cool stuff going on."

Like local artists body painting local models; a guest DJ, who happens to be the drummer from the hot indie-rock band TV on the Radio; a Booth of Secrets, where people can come in and give a secret confession that will be placed up throughout the art gallery; some ridiculous card tricks; and fire dancers. No joke. 

"I know some people will be concerned they're going to miss The Final Four," Ohlheiser said. "Don't worry.  We'll have it playing on the cinema screen for all of the fans."

We're not going to lie, it's not cheap. But with that said, it IS a benefit for the gallery. And it's also a heck of a lot cheaper than past Real Party events.

"In light of the economy, we decided to drop the price to make it more affordable," Ohlheiser said. 

Individual tickets are, brace yourself, $45. But it's for a good cause! They'll get you in, but you'll need cash for the bar. 

Want all-you-can-drink? You've got to be a "VOP", or Very Odd Person. Those tickets are $100. If you've got a bunch of odd friends, you can get the Entourage Package of 10 for $900. The money goes towards Real Art Ways programs.

We heard they're always looking for volunteers, so, we had to ask. 

NBC Connecticut: "Can we get in free if we volunteer to wash the dishes?"

Abby: "Um, I'm going to have to get back to you on that."

If you're ready to go, visit their Web site for more.

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