‘The Wall That Heals' Honors Vietnam Veterans at Savin Rock

To honor the sacrifice of the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War, the West Haven Vietnam Veterans Inc., along with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund are presenting "The Wall That Heals."

The half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. is set up at Savin Rock Park in West Haven.

It's a chance for people to find one of

more than 58,000 names, along with people who share the same grief or happiness that someone came home.

"They weren't treated well. And it gives us a chance to have them come out and be around people that really have brought it to the forefront that these guys mattered and they did a lot. And did it because they were asked to," said Patrick O'Neill, site manager for "The Wall That Heals."

The wall will be on display 24 hours until the closing ceremony Sunday, Oct. 23 at noon.

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