These are the Victims of the B-17 Plane Crash at Bradley Airport

Connecticut State Police released the names of the victims of the B-17 plane crash at Bradley Airport:

Flight Crew:

  • Ernest McCauley, 75, of Long Beach, Calif. (pilot/presumed deceased)
  • Michael Foster, 71, of Jacksonville, Fla. (co-pilot/presumed deceased)
  • Mitchell Melton, 34, of Dalehart, Texas (flight engineer/injured)
  • Passengers:

  • Andy Barrett, 36, of South Hadley, Mass. (injured)
  • Linda Schmidt, 62, of Suffield, Conn. (injured)
  • Tom Schmidt, 62, of Suffield, Conn. (injured)
  • Joseph Huber, 48, of Tarriffville, Conn. (injured)
  • James Traficante, 54, of Simsbury, Conn. (injured)
  • David Broderick, 56, of West Springfield, Mass. (deceased)
  • Gary Mazzone, 66, of Broad Brook, Conn. (presumed deceased)
  • Robert Riddell, 59, of East Granby, Conn. (presumed deceased)
  • Robert Rubner, 64, of Tolland, Conn. (presumed deceased)
  • Airport Personnel:

  • Andrew Sullivan, 28, of Enfield, Conn. (injured)
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