AG Looks Into Million Dollar Marshals

Millionaire Marshals

Serving legal papers, foreclosure notices and collecting claims from law firms and government agencies can turn you into a millionaire and that has some people wondering exactly how they do it.

For months, State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has been looking into allegations of forgery and kickbacks involving state marshals, the New Haven Register reports

Last week, the Hartford Courant revealed that one marshal made more than $3 million in 2008

"The focus of the investigation is a limited group of marshals who appear to have earned extraordinary amounts of fees, possibly beyond the physical capacity of any single marshal to serve or deliver papers,” Blumenthal told the Register.  

Blumenthal wants to see whether a small group of people or a single person could do the work alone. 

“If not, was the work assigned to anyone else, especially a non-marshal, which would violate the law?,” he told the newspaper.

Blumenthal said his latest investigation may result in new reform.

To see who's making how much, see the list on the Courant Web site.

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