Thieves Broke Into 24 Cars in Milford: Police

Police are investigating thefts from 24 vehicles in Milford between Saturday night and Sunday morning. 

Police said they received several reports of vehicle break-ins in the area of Meadowside Road and Seaside Avenue and have determined that burglars went through 24 vehicles and stole various items.

Several home surveillance systems captured images of the people involved, which show three to four boys and men in their late teens to 20s walking from home to home, checking for unlocked vehicle doors.
When they found an unlocked vehicle, one of the perpetrators would rummage through it and take items, police said.

"It makes me sick to my stomach that people were in my personal space in the middle of the night in my driveway,” said Abby, who did not want to use her last name. “I just hope that they get caught so this stops.”

Chris Kiley, of \Milford, is devastated and said the have not been problems in the neighborhood in the past.  

“I work hard for my stuff. I don’t want anyone stealing it,” he said. 

The investigation is active and police ask anyone with information to call Milford Police at (203) 878-6551.
Police are also urging residents to lock their vehicle doors and remove all valuables.

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