Thieves Stole Items Filling Several Shopping Carts From Market 32 in Oxford: Police

Connecticut State Police

Police are investigating after several people stole items filling multiple shopping carts from Market 32 in Oxford and they said authorities were not alerted until moments after the crime was committed.

Around 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, the Oxford Resident Trooper’s Office responded to the Market 32 supermarket in Quarry Walk Plaza at 300 Oxford Road after learning that several people had stolen from the store and left, according to state police.

As they investigated, they learned that store staff had seen several people filling multiple shopping carts earlier, left the store without paying, loaded the items into two vehicles that were parked in the fire lane and the drivers left the area, police said.

Investigators have not identified the people who stole the items and believe the vehicles were stolen as well.

State police said the Oxford Resident Trooper’s Office is aware of a video of the incident that has been circulating on social media, received a copy of the video and they are working to obtain additional surveillance camera footage to help identify the people involved.

“This office understands the optics of the video. We would like to remind everyone that when they observe a crime in progress, contact 911 immediately. A 911 call was never placed and the call came in through the routine phone line at the Oxford Resident Trooper’s Office approximately 10-minutes after the crime had already occurred. Had 911 been contacted in a timely manner, police personnel would have been able to attempt to intercept those involved,” a news release from state police said.

Police urge people to stay vigilant and not to engage with people when a crime is occurring.

Anyone with information to help identify suspects is asked to call the

Oxford Resident Trooper’s Office at (203) 888-4353 and reference case number 2100460035.

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