‘This is So Dire': Middlebury Animal Rescue Needs Pets Adopted

An animal rescue in Middlebury said they need more than a dozen pets placed in forever homes or the shelter will be forced to shut down. 

"I can no longer bear the personal financial burden of this rescue. We have twelve long-time canines, and a ton of felines, needing adoption," the leader of the Brass City Rescue Alliance, Jennifer Humphrey, said. 

Humphrey said if the animals aren't placed by the rescue’s last scheduled event on Aug. 5, she may have to close the shelter due to mounting expenses.

The facility's operating costs exceeded $70,000 in 2016. Thanks to a slow adoption season, the facility is now behind in the monthly rent it pays to the Town of Middlebury for use of the rescue’s Service Road building.

"Just like anything, you need to bring money in to pay the bills. This is so dire," Humphry said.

The rescue also takes in animals from Odessa, Texas, that would otherwise be euthanized. Twenty-eight of those animals are expected to arrive in Connecticut this weekend, making the need for adopting pet parents even more serious.

Anyone looking to adopt a dog or cat can check Brass City Rescue's website here

The rescue is located at 2 Service Road, Middlebury, Connecticut. 

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