‘This Tree Just Snapped Like a Toothpick:' Strong Storms Leave Mess in Guilford

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Summer-like storms left scattered damage for people to clean up and deal with in parts of the state Wednesday.

The damage in Guilford was pretty confined. But for many people on North Street it will be a day they won’t forget any time soon.

It was a fiery and destructive day as storms fired up in parts of the state.

“I was outside working in the back and it just came through like a force," Guilford resident Sheila Walston said.

Walston ran inside her home in Guilford for cover as the winds and rain picked up.

“Stuff was flying from the back of my yard," she told NBC Connecticut.

“I was standing in my landing, my door, and I’m like woah.”

The weather created a real scare for neighbor Bruce Arnold.

“We heard the storm coming so we tried to get with the dog and then all of a sudden it got real dark on one side and then all of a sudden the wind picked up so bad that this tree just snapped like a toothpick," Arnold explained.

One limb fell right on his car.

At another home just down the way on North Street another limb came crashing down on a car.

Neighbors came out to check out the damage which included a fire up on a utility pole.

Police and fire responded as utility crews looked to restore power to thousands of people in the state. As rain kept falling into the night on the shoreline, Arnold was thankful the damage here was not even worse.

“It came so quick and the trees went so low like almost to the point they had to snap," Arnold said.

The damage did knock out power to some. As of 10 p.m., Eversource was reporting 445 customers in Guilford without power.

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