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This Year's Thanksgiving Travel Season Among Busiest on Record

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Expect busy roads and lines at the airport as thousands in Connecticut travel for the Thanksgiving holiday.

AAA says this year is expected to be near pre-pandemic levels and one of the busiest.

“It was easier other times. This time right now is kind of stressful. I’m kind of sweating up to my brim,” Ferron, who was traveling to Tampa Bay, said.

Bradley Airport travelers were feeling stressed while lining up at security Wednesday. The afternoon rush filled with people trying to catch their flights and thinking about Thanksgiving with their families.

“Feed the family. So that’s what I’m going to do. Feed the family. Thanksgiving. FTF holiday,” Ferron said.

Others are already facing some hurdles on their itinerary.

“We kind of missed our flight since we were a little bit late but luckily, we were able to catch the next flight after,” Danielle Harrison, who was traveling to North Carolina, said.

AAA says nearly 600,000 people in Connecticut will be traveling this year, which is a two percent increase from last year and more in line with pre-pandemic levels.

Nationwide, more than 54 million Americans will be traveling, the third busiest since 2000.

The vast majority travel by car. and AAA says a rise in gas prices hasn’t deterred people.

“People are eager to go and visit family and friends, so they are not letting the price at the pump keep them home. People are ready to travel,” Tracy Noble with AAA Mid-Atlantic, said.

Flying was the second most popular method with 75,000 people expected to catch flights in Connecticut, up nine percent from last year. Those flying were doing everything they can to be home for the holidays.

“Hope I can make it. I hope I make it in time to get a turkey leg or at least a pie,” Ferron said.

AAA also says if you’re flying, make sure you make enough time to find a parking spot. If you’re able to get one in advance, it’ll help you save time.

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