Thompsonville Fire Chief Suspended

The fire chief in the Thompsonville section of Enfield is facing a four-week suspension, according to the chairwoman of the fire commission.

Commission chairwoman Colleen Reidy said Fire Chief Frank Alaimo failed to fulfill commission requests that required him to document the number of hours he worked each day and log his daily duties.

Alaimo was also asked to clock the mileage on district trucks he drove and submit an official request for any time off he planned to take.

According to Reidy, the chief was also late responding to a fatal fire on South River Street last week even though the commission requested his prompt arrival at all fires and emergencies within the Thompsonville part of town.

Alaimo's suspension takes effect Thursday. He can return to his job after four weeks, Reidy said.

Alaimo said in an email to NBC Connecticut on Wednesday that he couldn't comment on the situtation, but Fire Commissioner Bob Gillespie posted in a townwide Facebook group showing his support for the chief.

"I have bene speaking with Frank and want to publically thank him for how professionally he handled himself last night," Gillespie wrote. "Personally I do not think the charges warranted a month off, but think it was the lesser of two evils. I will continue to call for this suspension to be lifted."

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