Thousands Expected at May Day Protests Across the Country

Monday is May 1, which marks International Workers Day and often prompts what have become known as “May Day” rallies to support workers' rights.

This year the protests have a different agenda. Hundreds of thousands of people in cities across the country, including New Haven, are expected to take part in protests. Organizers say they’re rallying for a wide range of rights that they believe are “under attack” by the Trump Administration.

Organizers are asking people to stay home from work and school to protest as a show of strength and defense for groups they say have become marginalized since President Donald Trump took office. Those groups include minorities, Muslims and immigrants.

On Saturday, the City of Hartford held a May Day rally with a specific focus on those immigrant rights. Gov. Dannel Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman joined hundreds of people speaking against the White House’s immigration agenda.

"We need permanent protection and relief for all of our families. It goes beyond paper. We need to have the ability to work. We need to have the ability to travel. But we know that's not the only thing our community faces," said Eric Cruz Lopez, a UConn student who attended Saturday’s event.

May Day events are set to take place in more than 200 cities today. The rally in New Haven kicks off on the green at noon and lasts until 7 p.m.

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