Thousands Going on Third Day Without Power

More than 22,000 Eversource customers are going on a third day without power Wednesday after a strong storm moved through Sunday night.

With chilly temperatures Wednesday morning, keeping warm has become a priority.

Several school districts in eastern Connecticut, including Lebanon, Thompson and Columbia, remain closed Wednesday as crews continue to clear up storm damage. Other districts have delays Wednesday morning. Click here to see a full list of closings and delays.

In Ledyard, the mayor postponed trick-or-treating due to safety concerns with parts of town still without power and wires and tree debris all over town.

Under Mayor Fred Allyn’s orders, trick-or-treating across town was moved to Friday.

The mayor says he’s frustrated over what he says is a lack of response from Eversource.

Meanwhile, one Ledyard mother decided to take her son to another town to go trick-or-treating. Theresa Pinckney told NBC Connecticut she’s exercising patience, since she knows it’ll take some time before power is restored to her home.

“My father is retired from CL&P quite a few years back so I know what it's like for those guys to be out on the road and everything. I know they're doing the best they can, and I hope everyone has patience with them,” she said.

Ledyard’s mayor has been told the power should be restored to most of the town by Thursday afternoon.

Gov. Dannel Malloy says it’s too early to evaluate Eversource’s response, since the strong winds lasted a long time, preventing the utility company from getting to work sooner.

“I think we're not used to storms that last that long and therefore delay response that long. And I think in another day to a couple of days we'll have a better view of what their response was,” Malloy said.

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