Thousands Might Need New Vaccines Over Refrigeration Problem

Thousands of Hartford HealthCare Medical Group patients might need new vaccinations after doses of vaccines for influenza, tetanus and more were apparently stored at the wrong temperature.

The doses for influenza, pneumonia and the family of tetanus/pertussis vaccines might not have been stored at the manufacturers’ recommended temperature guidelines since Jan. 2, 2013, the medical group said in a news release.

This would not harm patients, but the effectiveness of the vaccine might be reduced, according to the news release.

Several other vaccines commonly administered in doctors' offices might also be affected.

"We had a problem with ineffective vaccines because the temperature in those refrigerators was not in the appropriate range," the company's chief medical officer Dr. Rocco Orlando said.

The issue affects 5,003 doses of vaccines given to 3,833 patients at the medical group’s offices in Enfield, on South Main in West Hartford, in Storrs and in Unionville.

No other Hartford HealthCare Medical Group locations have had temperature-control issues.

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group said it has checked its refrigeration storage units and will continue to monitor units to ensure that all vaccines are being properly stored.

It is reaching out to all the patients who received an ineffective vaccine to answer questions and set up appointments for new vaccines at no charge to the patients.

Patients should contact their primary care providers for additional information.

Patients and family members may call the hotline at (877) 707-4442 or get more information online here.

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