Threat Against Hartford St. Patrick's Day Was Not Credible: Police

Hartford police are investigating a threatening comment about the upcoming St. Patrick's Day parade and said they determined the threat was not credible. They believe it is a hoax and a student posted it on a fake account, using a teacher's name.

Hartford police said threats toward the St. Patrick’s Day parade, school shootings and other acts of terrorism were posted on several social media pages, including a local TV station, and detectives and crime analysts in the command center immediately began to vet the threat. 

The investigation revealed several indications that the account used was a fraud or spoof, according to police. 

They met with the person whose account was spoofed and determined the account had been created to annoy and harass the victim whose name the account was created in. 

Police said they are continuing to investigate and are trying to identify the origin of the post. 

Authorities are asking people to reach out to police directly to investigate rather than repost on social media.

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